Managing XML Datasets for Ingest

This documentation describes EHRI's tools for managing, transforming and ingesting XML collection descriptions. In a nutshell, it allows administrators to:

  • manually upload or harvest XML files
  • validate XML against EHRI's EAD schema
  • transform arbitrary XML to EAD using either XSLT or tabular XQuery mappings
  • ingest the resulting EAD into the EHRI portal
  • perform cleanup actions to keep the EHRI portal in sync with third-party datasets

Accessing the EAD Manager

The EAD Manager can be accessed via the "Ingest" section on the institutions admin page.

Overview of the EAD Manager

The EAD Manager home page has four tabs:

For common cases you'll only have to use the Datasets tab. See here for info about transformation datasets via XSLT or XQuery.

Data Manager home