How to Create Archival Institutions

In order to be able to work in the EHRI portal, you need to receive access to the admin pages (see Accessing the Portal Administration pages.) This needs to be done by an EHRI project administrator (please contact by email). Once access has been granted, you will see the additional words ‘Admin Site’ on the top- right of the Portal webpage.


When you click on “Admin site”, you will be directed to the work environment of the EHRI Portal.


Tips & tricks: Work in the EHRI Portal, such as adding and editing content, is only possible through the EHRI Admin site. Therefore, please make sure you click on the Admin site button. Please ensure that you see admin written after .eu/ in the browser address line. allows you to perform your work in the portal. Please note that except for when you decide to hide your description via ‘set visibility’ on the right-hand sight of the page, all your work on the Admin page will immediately be reflected in the public version of the EHRI portal. If you are curious to see what your work looks like ‘from the outside’, just remove admin/ in the browser, e.g. If your recent changes are not yet visible, please refresh the page. In order to return to the work environment, simply type admin/ again after `.eu` and press enter.


Archival institutions can be created only in relation to a specific country. In order to add a new institution, click on ‘Country Reports’ on the top of the webpage:


Tips & tricks: You can change the way the portal displays items by clicking on one of the following sorting methods: Relevance, ID/Code, Name, Recently Updated, Detail. Please feel free to explore all of these options and choose the one which accommodates your current work best.


Search for the country in which you want to create an archival institution. In this example, we have decided to work on Belgium.


After you click on ‘Search’, you will see the link to the Belgium page, where you can see the Belgium Country Report, as previously discussed. Click ‘Create institution’ on the right side of the page under ‘Actions’.


Tips & tricks: In order to quickly move from one country report to another, just replace the ISO Country Code at the end of the address in your browser. See the examples below:







Once you have clicked on ‘Create institution’, you will be redirected to a new page with empty

fields. The creation of a new archival institution involves filling out the following fields:

It is mandatory to provide:

  • Identifier (this is automatically generated by the system);

  • Authorized form of name;

  • City;

  • Country code;

  • Website;

  • Sources.

It is desirable to provide:

  • Parallel names (to provide an English translation of a non-English language name of an institution you are describing);

  • Other names (to provide abbreviations, acronyms, historical names and other names);

  • Address Name/Type;

  • Contact person;

  • Region;

  • Post code;

  • Street address;

  • Email;

  • Telephone;

  • History;

  • Records management and collecting policies;

  • Archival and other holdings;

  • Finding aids, guides and publication;

  • Research services;

  • Level of detail.

All the other fields are optional.

If available however, all information can be provided.


You can fill out each of the fields by simply clicking on them. Moreover, if you click on the respective text field, an explanation of the field function will be displayed.


Throughout the page you will encounter ready-to-fill-in fields, and plus-buttons +.


Once you have clicked on the plus button, new ready-to-fill-in fields will open.

image24You can create as many fields with the plus button as you need.


To save your description, click on ‘Create institution’ at the bottom of the page.


Tips & tricks: If you receive an error-message when trying to save your description, this may be caused by an open field created by having clicked on a plus button. You will need to close the empty field indicated in red by clicking the **X* to the right of the respective field.*


How to update Archival Institutions

Once an archival institution has been created, you can always update it by going to its entry

in the EHRI Portal and clicking on ‘Edit Item’.

Note: If you want to suggest the deletion of an institution, please contact


You will be redirected to an editing page. Once you have finished, you can save your update by clicking on ‘Update Institution’ at the bottom of the page.